Data Usage Tips

It’s Your Data Make The Most of It

Our data plans offer a ton of high-speed data, but after using your monthly allotment you will either need to top-up with one of our top-up plans or experience moderate speeds thereafter. No one wants to run out of high-speed data. You can avoid wasting your monthly data by turning off smartphone apps that are running in the background and are always connected to the Internet and therefore using up your data. Read on for additional tips and tricks to help get you the biggest bang from your high-speed data plan.

Tips For Managing Your Data

WiFi is everywhere, so sign on at home, work and all those free public locations like, coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, universities and much more. Get help finding open networks with apps like the Mobi PCS WiFi App* Click here for more info
*Please note that WiFi channels may not be secure

Usage Alerts
Some Android phones (4.0 or higher OS) allow you to set limits and alerts on your data usage. If you have an older Android device you can download an app for it.

APP Auto Updates
Turn off auto updates or change the settings on your device to update over WiFi only. It's that simple.

Change your email setting from "push" to "fetch" and have it only check once an hour.

Turn off auto uploading, or change the setting to upload on WiFi only.

Mobile Websites
Use mobile versions of websites. Not only are they easier on your eyes, but also they are easier on your data usage.

Top Data Hogs

  • Streaming/downloading videos
  • Auto picture uploads/syncing
  • Streaming audio 
  • App auto updates
  • Voice assistants
  • Email with huge attachments

YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and other streaming video apps are data suckers. They can drain your data in the blink of an eye. Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and similar apps also rack up the megabytes. And voice assistants such as Google Now use data every time you ask them a question. We're not saying that you should not use these applications. We just want you to know why you are using up your data so quickly and want to help you maximize your fun and data usage.

For more information on our monthly plans and data usage allotments click here .