Mobi PCS WiFi

Simply put... Mobi PCS WiFi helps you spot WiFi and automatically connect to hotspots. Mobi PCS Wifi manages your WiFi connections, turning your WiFi radio off when not needed, and saving your cellular data plan, battery life, and time.

Automatic WiFi: Mobi PCS WiFi manages many trusted hotspots like Starbucks and McDonald's and connects automatically when in range. Hotspots for your area are updated daily keeping you current even when traveling.

Your Own Hotspots: Add your own hotspots like your home or work to Mobi PCS WiFi. They stay private to you (not shared with the world) but the benefit is a better WiFi experience by avoiding weak signals.

Hotspot Quality: Mobi PCS WiFi not only monitors the signal strength of hotspots, but also their speed and access to the Internet. When quality issues arise, you are informed and given choices to handle them.

Hotspots with Sign In: Most public hotspots have a "sign in" or "terms & conditions" page which you must agree to before accessing the Internet. You can use Mobi PCS WiFi to automate many of them for you. For those that cannot be automated, you are notified so you can sign in yourself.

Finding Hotspots: Go to the Map to view available hotspots. Download more hotspots for any area you wish by using the map commands.

Getting Started

To start using Mobi PCS WiFi now:
1. Simply go to the Google “Play Store ” app on your Android smartphone
2. Click on the magnifying glass icon and type in “Mobi PCS WiFi”
3. Download the Mobi PCS WiFi application, then launch it. 

Click here from your Mobi PCS approved Android device to download the app now!

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Soon you will be experiencing faster data speeds by connecting to Mobi PCS WiFi wherever you may be! For more information on our Mobi PCS WiFi app click here .

*For your security, please note that WiFi connections may not be secure