Data Usage FAQ's

Which Mobi Plan is right for me?
If you rarely browse the Internet on your phone or primarily use Wi-Fi, our $50 Monthly Simple plan with 500MB of high-speed data may be right for you. If you listen to Pandora, watch YouTube, and regularly use the Internet, you should consider our $60 Monthly Silver plan with 3GB of high-speed data. If you're a heavy data user, our $70 Monthly Gold plan with 5GB of high-speed data is the best option for you.

For more details on what plan is option for your monthly data usage visit our Plans Page .

What happens when my monthly data speeds are reached?
This depends on your plan and once you have reached your applicable monthly data allotment, your access to data will stop and you will need to either use Wi-Fi or top-up to continue using cellular data in within your billing cycle. The Gold Plan will continue (including video) at much lower speeds (128Kps or lower) for the remainder of your billing cycle. High-speed data will be restored at the beginning of your next monthly billing cycle or if you top-up. Please visit the top-up page here to learn more.

If I purchase the $50 Bronze Plan with 500MB of data and exceed the allotment, can I switch to a higher allotted plan?
Yes, you can switch to one of our higher allotment plans. You have two options, 1) You can upgrade your plan in the middle of your billing cycle by paying the pro-rated difference for the new plan Or 2) you can select to have your new monthly plan effective on your next billing date. To change your monthly plan please call customer care at 808.723.1111.

Will I be notified before I reach my monthly data allotment?
Yes, you will receive SMS notifications prior to reaching your monthly data allotment.

How Can I check how much data I’ve used?
Contact our friendly 100% local Customer Care Department to find out how much data you have used anytime during your billing cycle by calling 808.723.1111 or view your Account Summary here