Mobile Protection

Introducing ProtectCELL™ Mobile Protection by Fortegra®

A shiny, new ProtectCELL plan can provide you with a ProtectCELL Certified device when you need it most, and additional peace of mind thanks to valuable data security and identity recovery features. Plus, your ProtectCELL coverage also includes 50GB of cloud storage…enough space for the whole family!

Replacements Made Easy

Got an issue? Just call 844.288.0371, or log on to 24/7 and click ‘Replace My Device’.

Plan Benefits

  • ‘No Hassle’ Experience: Thanks to ProtectCELL’s ‘No Hassle’ customer experience, your mobile lifestyle stays on matter what happens.
  • Data Security & Backup: The ProtectCELL SafeStore™ app provides device security in a variety of ways. Plus, you can store up to 50GB of info…in the cloud.
    • SafeStore app required; download here
  • ID Theft Support powered By LifeLock®: If your identity is compromised, we’ll connect you to a LifeLock Resolution Specialist.

Monthly Fee

Admin Fee









Plan Details

Admin Fee
For each approved replacement request, a one-time admin fee is applied. Fees are $25, $40, $125, or $175 depending on the make and model of your device, and must be paid before you receive a replacement.

Covered Equipment
If you have a ProtectCELL Mobile Protection plan, your device is covered no matter what happens. And depending on the circumstances, certain accessories like the battery, SIM card, or wall charger may be covered as well.

Replacement Phone
Our goal is to provide you with a replacement device that is the exact same make and model as the original; however, if that’s not feasible, a device with similar features and capabilities will be substituted to minimize the length of time you spend without a working device. Please note: your replacement device could be refurbished.

You may cancel your ProtectCELL Mobile Protection plan at any time by calling 844.288.0371.

How to File a Replacement Request
ProtectCELL’s ‘No Hassle’ replacement process is really just that—no hassle. Just call them at 844.288.0371, or log on to and click ‘Replace My Device’. You can also use the ‘Live Chat’ feature if you have any questions.

An admin fee will be collected based on the make and model of the device (see chart above).

Once your request is approved, a replacement device will be shipped to you via FedEx. Return the defective device using the prepaid shipping label and envelope that are included with your replacement device shipment. Please note: the defective device must be returned within 10 days of the initial replacement request date to avoid being charged for the cost of the replacement (up to $850).

Additional Plan Details
Mobi PCS has arranged for its customers to have access to a ProtectCELL Mobile Protection plan by partnering with Fortegra Financial Corporation and its subsidiaries (Fortegra ® is the marketing name for the extended warranty operations of Fortegra Financial Corporation and its subsidiaries), which is responsible for providing benefits under the plans to Mobi PCS customers who elect to purchase a protection plan and who are enrolled under their carrier agreement with Mobi PCS. A ProtectCELL Mobile Protection plan is optional and no enrollment or purchase is required in order to purchase a device or activate service. Plan enrollment and replacement authorization is at the sole discretion of Fortegra or any other authorized representative of Fortegra, in accordance with the terms of the Coverage Carrier Agreement and applicable law. Mobi PCS is not the insurer or the administrator of replacements under the protection plan. Mobi PCS associates are not qualified or authorized to evaluate the adequacy of your existing coverage, and a protection plan may provide a duplication of coverage already provided by your personal auto insurance policy, homeowner’s insurance policy, renter’s insurance policy, or other source of coverage. A ProtectCELL Mobile Protection plan will replace your device due to loss, theft, or physical damage.

To view frequently asked questions for our ProtectCELL Mobile Protection plan, or to read the full Terms & Conditions, click here.