Data Top-Ups

Never Run Out of Data!

Every Mobi plan except for the Gold Plan comes with a set amount of High Speed Data per month. If you max out your plans monthly Data allotment you will no longer be able to access your phones cellular data capabilities. What does this mean? No more web surfing, no social media posting or Youtube viewing.

Avoid running out of Data! When you've nearly used up your data allowance, we'll send a text to your Mobi PCS handset to let you know. By selecting one of our reasonably priced Data Top-up options you can ensure that you always have enough data to support your lifestyle and needs. 

When selecting your Data Top-up option, please select wisely as unused Data Top-up’s DO NOT roll over and all unused Data Top-up megabytes will expire at the end of your billing cycle.

Individual Plan Data Top-up Options:

Premier Data Top-up's - compatible with Premier Plan Coverage Provided on America's #1 4G LTE Nationwide Network

Premier Data Top Up